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Silver Screen Rating Community

Which star of the silver screen are you?

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Silver Screen Rating Community

Welcome to Silver Screen Rating Community. If you've stumbled across us, you should know that this is a stamping community for the stars of old Hollywood (from the silent era through the '60s). Here you will fill out an application, be voted on by members, and be stamped as the striking screen persona you most resemble. If you love the glamor and glitz of earlier times like we do, read away! For simplicity's sake, right now I'm limiting the stamp choices to only female stars. So if you want to find out if you're most like Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, Billy Wilder, James Dean, or Clark Gable, sorry. :(

♥ You must join the community to post an application or vote.
♥ You DON'T have to be stamped yet to vote on other applications. In fact, it's simply marvelous if you vote on other applications while waiting for your stamp, since voting is what keeps communities like this going.
♥ You can reapply as many times as you like, as long as a month has passed since you've posted your last application. We starlets change often!
♥ Please bold your votes. You can vote for up to two actresses if you're having trouble choosing. Judge on both personality AND looks.
♥ Please vote for only the choices listed below. Refer to the list if you can't remember.
♥ You have to have a regular stamp to post an application for a theme.
♥ Be nice. That's all. Have fun, dolls!

If you want to submit an application, just follow the "Apply" link at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions from there.

Here are all the silver screen sirens and legends that are stamp choices:

♥ Tallulah Bankhead
♥ Theda Bara
♥ Clara Bow
♥ Louise Brooks
♥ Greta Garbo
♥ Lillian Gish
♥ Myrna Loy
♥ Mary Pickford
♥ Norma Shearer
♥ Gloria Swanson
♥ Anna May Wong

♥ Lauren Bacall
♥ Lucille Ball
♥ Ingrid Bermgan
♥ Claudette Colbert
♥ Joan Crawford
♥ Bette Davis
♥ Marlene Dietrich
♥ Ava Gardner
♥ Betty Grable
♥ Rita Hayworth
♥ Audrey Hepburn
♥ Katharine Hepburn
♥ Grace Kelly
♥ Veronica Lake
♥ Hedy Lamarr
♥ Vivien Leigh
♥ Sophia Loren
♥ Marilyn Monroe
♥ Kim Novak
♥ Barbara Stanwyck
♥ Elizabeth Taylor
♥ Gene Tierney
♥ Natalie Wood

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