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Silver Screen Rating Community
Which star of the silver screen are you?
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09 23 09 - Banners!
Hey dolls and dears!

I just whipped up some banners, which I'm very bad at, ack, but I hope they'll do for our purposes, anyway. The banners were made by lovely crazy-talented graphics people, I just added the text, resized, etc. Also check out our new icons.

Made by bloomyicons

Made by wolfbane_icons

Made by unique_wonder


Carole Lombard isn't one of the choices, but what the hell, it's a beautiful banner.



Please promote!

(The actual banners are bigger, they're just resized by the layout.)
Hi guys,

I've just started up a rating community for actresses, including contemporary stars as choices - screen_stars. You all should join! I will have the stamps up maybe at the end of a week, or a few days. I've also started brightstar_rate, for the brilliant movie Bright Star. Hehe, yes, I'm going through a stamping community-creating craze right now.

And please don't forget to vote on these apps if you haven't done so.
butterfly girl
Hi I have started a new Stamping community, [info]neverland_inc.
It's a community for all our beloved animated character. The main 10 stamps are Disney princess but
the themes to follow will have characters from all animated movies. I promise to be a very active mod and
love input so any sugestions will be welcome.
This is my first attempt at a community so if you see any rookie mistakes please let me know.
09 17 09 - Hi guys
We need tie-breaking votes on these two apps:
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